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Event Date & Venue

Event Date:Friday 2 March Sunday 4 March
Venue:Camps Bay Beach


  • All matches are 12 minutes in length

  • There must be 6 players on court at all times

  • There must be three females on the court at all times

  • Points can be won off the serve of any player. Once a team has won a point they have the next serve

  • Balls landing on the line are IN

  • Matches on all courts start and end at the same time

  • If a match is tied after 12 minutes, next point wins rules apply

  • All other regular beach volleyball rules apply
    • A team may only touch the ball 3 times before it goes over the net
    • A serve touching the net is in
    • A single person will continue serving until a point is lost on their service
    • A player may play the ball off any part of his/her body, including feet

  • The Umpires decision is final

    Looking forward to seeing you at the event.
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