No of Teams
28 divided into 4 groups of 7

Round Robin
Each team will play 7 Robin Matches

Points System
Win = 3pts
Draw = 1pt
Loss = 0pts

Knock Out Stage
Top 4 teams from each group qualify for Cup Last 16 Finals
If tied on points decider will be (in order):

    1) Goal Difference;
    2) Goals For;
    3) Result between the 2 teams in R/Robin
    4) Least Goals Conceded
3 sudden death penalties will decide a tied knock out match

Teams finishing 5th and 6th will play in the plate competition, based on the above format.

Match Times
Round Robin 10 mins one way
Knockout Stages 10 mins one way
Finals 2 x 8 minute halves


All normal FIFA rules will apply except for the following modifications:

(1) No current or recent (within a year) registered professional players are allowed to play for any team (Vodacom League and above). All players to have positive Identification on the day. The organisers will follow up on any complaints regarding illegitimate players.
(2) Teams will lose the match 3-0 should they field any illegitimate players
(3) There is no offside
(4) Goalkeepers may not kick or drop kick the ball from their hands, they may throw it
(5) Balls that cross the touchline must be placed on the line at point of exit and kicked back into play. All balls entering play (kick off, corners and goal kicks) are indirect
(6) No sliding is allowed - potentially punishable with a yellow card
(7) Yellow Cards = 2 minute sin bin
2 Yellow Cards 1 match = Red Card
Red Card = 1 match suspension
(8) All matches will be regulated by a siren
(9) Any teams not on the field in for the siren will start 1-0 down
Any team not on the field after 3 minutes will start 3-0 down
Any team not there for their match will lose 4-0
(10) The referee's decision in the matches is final
(11) Abuse of the referee will result in a yellow card being issued for time wasting and dissent
(12) The tournament organiser's decision is final.
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